Renovation - Master Bedroom

Who lives like this anyway? Yea well it happens when you're starting out with your first house, consumed with so many other things... um who am I kidding this is inexcusable!

A little bit warmer now... a little bit warmer now. Once I got the more public space within my house tweaked, I started playing around with the bedrooms. Step one: Go cheap! Couple coats of paint, cheap little comforter, actually keeping the room clean.

And then that's when I got my loan to cut the trees down. Which I used the money to renovate the kitchen, build some lamps, down payment on my new Honda, new guitar, new computer... so why not a new bedroom set!?! I so went king size on this bedroom. Dark stained wood, dresser, mirror frame, night stand, leather headboard, wall art, window treatment and of course a king size bed. After hours of investigating I decided step 1 would be to find a comforter since there are not that many out there. After finding this sweet 400 thread count red comforter at Linen n Things I knew I had found the one. The bold color had a huge impact on the look of the room so I limited the color that was used throughout. And later I found a couple Taiwan watercolor prints from one of my favorite local artists that had just a hint of red to compliment the comforter. I brought the color of the walls down to a light putty which was a custom color I mixed in my garage using left over paints from 3 rooms! The challenge was to have the dark almost black furniture fit with the light brown carpet. I used the walls to make that transition. I also got a good deal on window coverings which I bought extra wide/long to help make my windows appear a few feet larger than they are. Then a splash of texture on the printed Asian veils back lit with the sunlight. I took out that bulky brass ceiling fan and replaced it with a sleek black fan. I was actually able to pull this room together in a weekend and am feeling pretty darn good about it.

A couple side projects in this bedroom included installing a closet system which I took care of on a Tuesday night having nothing better to do as well as building 1 of 2 custom floor lamps to flank my 7'x4' "loft" style mirror, which I will post later.

Closet system was a modified kit from Lowe's during a 15% off storage sale. I've since updated all of my other closets as well with nifty pieces from the DIY section. A lot more affordable than I would have imagined. Best of all is I'm actually starting to have some organization in my house.
Now the big question... Too much clothes for one guy?

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