Top Secret Christmas Project - Yarn Cabinet

I wanted to do something special for my fiancee this Christmas. I had an idea in mind but I just needed the right tools... hmmm this could be an excuse to get a new table saw? My idea was to create a yarn "cabinet"... thing. It would house yarn, knitting books, storage boxes for needles and such and other things. I opened up Sketchup and began to design. After some initial design ideas and a trip to Lowes to get a feel of some available dimensioned lumber I came up with the following design. Good size with room for growth, a neutral gender (not to masculine), and best of all something I may actually be able to build! With my limited wood working experience primarily in rougher installations this should be interesting.

Sketchup is neat because I can build my projects before hand and then pull them apart visually to help me produce the pieces. It also gives me a sheet to dimension up. Speaking of dimensions its great to be able to step in and use the computer to run a quick digital tape down the length of a piece to get the exact length... meaning, I don't have to do that much math or recheck myself... as often.

To begin the project I had to do some research on table saws. I found a great deal on a belt driven Jet model online at Lowes $300! Then a better deal on the same model at Home Depot $250!! Then an even better deal on the same model at Menards $200!!! My main goal was to find a durable table that had a secure guide rail and could cut a sheet of plywood in half shortways. This saw did it all!

I had planned on taking 2 consecutive Fridays off to work on this project secretively but was unable to do so. Day 1 involved designing, purchasing wood, assembling saw and preparing for combat. When I knew this would take more time then planned a took special measures to ensure the projects secretiveness.

Ultimately I used the saw to cut a 1/4x1/4" wide groove in the 1x2 red oak and then inserted 1/4" red oak paneling into it. Easy enough! Though it did take 3 passes on the saw since I was working with a single blade. But there were only a few boards to cut.

The first end is complete. I actually was good and sanded all the pieces before assembly. It was hard but I knew this would be the best/easiest thing to do. I was able to make the two ends in only 4 hours! I was feeling pretty good. Thought I'd work over the weekend but was only able to spend a couple hours on Saturday night. Oh well the back and top really help make it look like something.

I didn't get to take my days off like I had hoped and was limited to an hour or two a night here and there. In the end I am very happy with the final product. A couple coats of dark ebony stain and 2 coats of urethane later it was done.

T'was the night before Christmas and I had to modify some photo storage boxes... and buy a bow.

Woot! She likes it! And look at all the fun colors showcased in the cabinet. Just like I had hoped.

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  1. You are the best guy ever!!!!! I love my cabinet :-)

  2. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Nicely done! This sure was hard to keep secret, but well worth it.

  3. All I can say is "wow". Dude, you rock.

    Now make me one.

  4. It's amazing. Really. I want one.

  5. That is one gorgeous piece of furniture. I'm sure I'm not the only knitter who wants one for herself...

  6. That's gorgeous! What a great idea :)

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