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Knitting Calculator - Decrease pattern generator
update 10/19/14

I made this spreadsheet to help me come up with decrease patterns. There are usually multiple patterns / solutions available for any scenario but this tool will (currently) generate only 1 solution which may not always be what you're looking for. In those times it should at least help you find a more suitable solution. 

The following images are screenshots from the calculator:

Knitting calculator decrease
Decreasing along 1 single row

Decrease evenly across up to 15 rows (v 0.91)
Dynamic list only shows options that will create an even decrease.

Knitting calculator decrease
Pattern example for solving across multiple rows (v 0.91)

     The file is saved as an .xlsx format which can be opened with most newer spreadsheet        editors.

     Here are 3 that I've used over the years:
     Free Editor - (limited tools but it's free!)

     Microsoft Office - Excel (expensive but a good set of tools)

     Open Office - Free clone of Microsoft Office. 
Since its development ended a couple      
     years ago finding a completely trusting download site is a little tricky. Make sure you read
     the prompts while installing so it doesn't try to sneak some 3rd party software onto your

Wish List:
     + Having the calculator solve for increase patterns in addition to decrease patterns

     + Cleaning up the pattern verbiage
     + Better pattern formatting
     + Alternate patterns 
     + Option to decrease 'x' over 'y' rows 

Update v0.91 10/19/14
     You can now set calculator to evenly decrease across 1 to 15 rows.

Free Download: Knitting Calculator - Beta 0.91
       Select the download button on the top of the Google Drive Window 
              (program can not be run from inside Google Docs)

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