Summer Skirt

I've decided to add sewing to my list of skills. I knew this day would arrive after years of trying to make my own halloween costumes. For christmas I received a brand new sewing machine and a few months later I finally put it to good use. It's amazing how you can get up and running in a matter of a minutes with a new model compared to an older one which has taken me up to an hour to get the first stitch.

I decided to make a skirt for my 6 month old girl.

This was a simple 'full' skirt where the bottom circumference is about twice the waist of the wearer. I used 1/2" elastic in the band but would recommend using 3/4" or 1" since I couldn't get the elastic to stay flat with all of the bunched fabric. Overall I'm very happy with it and almost pulled off my first sewing project flawlessly! Now to see what my daughter thinks!


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