Beer Transport

A few years ago my family started drawing names for a Christmas gift exchange. The only rule was it had to be homemade. This is one I made a couple years ago and forgot to hit the Publish button on. See a trend?

This time I drew my brother-in-laws name and thought I'd take a crack at a beer transport device. After some careful thought I decided whatever the solution was it had to be rugged and it had to carry 8 beers, a real man's 6-pack.... or it was because as I looked at 6-pack carriers I noted that your knuckles catch the bottle caps when you reach to grab the handle. So by going to 8 beers the center of the handle would be between bottles.

diy wood beer carrier  diy wood beer carrier

To space the bottles apart I drilled some holes partially into the interior walls and added thin dowel rods. I also added a wider spacer between the 2 rows of 4 to increase the area to grab the handle.

diy wood beer carrier

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