Kitchen Renovation - Part 1

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In a random twist of events it has come to my attention that I am to renovate my kitchen!

This wasn't something that we were necessarily planning and here is the story of how it came to be.

2 years ago I started a kitchen renovation for my mum of which I just realized I never blogged about it. For the most part it was a total gut and rebuild, or at least an 80% rebuild. Long story short my mum moved and the house was to be bought and razed making room for a side yard. It was sad to see the house go but I can only remain sad for so long when I got to demo and grab all of the stuff I installed in the kitchen and take it to my house free of charge!

So now I have new (almost never used) cabinets a new layout for my kitchen. I won't go into the details of the kitchen yet and will save that for another blog. What I will show you is how I had to take a double door and downsize it to a single door (weird right?) to make room for the new layout.

Lauren took a road trip that was going to put her out of the house for about 9 hours so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to play the "See how much stuff I can get done before she comes home!" game.

I started with a simple test to see if I could convert the “dumb” side of the double door into a functional door. Sure enough it was looking good! A few minutes later the doors were off the hinges and things really opened up.

I removed the threshold and the head/jamb of the door and took a few dimensions of the rough opening. I knew the new cabinets will stretch out toward the door about 19” more than they currently do and I have plans to do some built ins on the opposite side of the wall at a later date so I just centered the door in the opening.

Before I got to far I had to hang the door to make sure everything was square to the world and swinging fine. Once I verified that I was still on track I modified the existing door jamb/head frame and installed it into the opening and hung the door.

I slapped some sheathing up on the outside and stuffed the wall cavity with some fiberglass insulation.
Put some drywall up to enclose the wall.

The space definitely looks different now and I still have to re-side/re-clad the exterior wall but now I can’t use this as an excuse on why I haven’t started on the kitchen renovation!

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