Minecraft - Hobbiton Build - Preface

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Bag End
I have always held a fondness for all things Tolkien. Reading through his books gave me a glance into an ever expanding world that I always looked forward to returning to.

When the movies were released it pulled me into the world even further. I was excited to see a number of familiar things on the big screen that happened to align with the images I crafted while reading the books. Of course there were many disconnects from the book but I quickly grew to appreciate each presentation of the story for what each one was.

custom minecraft hobbiton build poolside
In 2014 I had downloaded Minecraft in hopes to better understand my nephew’s fascination for the game. I inadvertently got hooked. By the next year I went from working 52 hours a week up to 56 hours a week. Add to that spending time with my wife, our two young halflings and maintaining our house and I would often find myself exhausted at the end of the day. Even given my tired state Minecraft afforded me an easy way to unwind at the end of the day whether it be of a few minutes or a couple hours.

custom minecraft hobbiton hobbit lotr lord of the rings

One night while browsing the internet I saw some Minecraft builds where others were working to recreate places from Tolkien’s work. I saw many dedicated people looking to recreate the TRUE Tolkien image of these places and not necessarily the new Hollywood spin. They are awesome and worth looking into but for me I wanted to do my own personal take on a build. I chose to do a 1:1 solo-build of Hobbiton.

custom minecraft hobbiton build
Typeface concept borrowed from a build @
Download: Click Here - Hobbiton v0.9 / Minecraft 1.9.4

In the mean time please join me over the next couple months as I walk through my ongoing build of Hobbiton.

2.Concerning Scale
3.Finding the Limits
4.Sandyman's Mill, Green Dragon
5.Bywater Pool, Hobbiton Road, Poolside
6.Bagshot Row
7.Gandalf's Cutting, Great Smials
8.Frog Pond, Woody End
9.Bag End, Hill Lane
10.The Hill, Overhill (placeholder)
11.hobbit.Lab (placeholder)
12.Resources (placeholder)

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