Renovation - Master Bedroom - WIC - Day 1

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For some time now I've been wanting to do something with an extra long bedroom in our house. What I have decided to do is demolish our existing master bedroom closet (shown on top of the first image) and then create a walk in closet (that happens to have 2 windows?!?) This takes the extra long room and makes it exactly the same size as the third bedroom to the west.

before___________________________ proposed______________________

I kept going back and forth as to how I wanted the closet built. It had to have at least the same storage capacity as the original closet but had to offer more ways of efficiently storing the obscene amount of clothes we have. When we make the move to the new closet Goodwill's bins will be receiving a large donation! I decided to built most of the closet using solid wood because if we are going to actually join the elite group of walk in closet owners then we better go all out! I've opted for birch for a majority of the closet system.

I spent the majority of the day walking around a couple Lowe's stores pricing out several of my proposed schemes to see which ones would be easiest and which ones would be cheapest. After loading up the Element with lumber I headed back home to unload, take a break and sketch a few last minute details.

After a quick nap I was able to move the furniture around and put in a quick 90 minutes to get this project kick started.

Only a little bit into the project and I feel like I have some momentum to hit this hard tomorrow. I taped out location of the new wall, new door and closets. After tweaking the wall location to line up with some studs/rafters I went to work cutting the carpet and pad. Then pulled out staples that were spaced about every 6 freaking inches. I trimmed back the carpet tack strips where I wouldn't be putting carpet back and began a careful surgery of the existing wall in preparation for a new door way. I'll have a little electrical work on this project but it shouldn't be too difficult. Not bad for an hour and half eh?

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