Bofur - Knitted Scarf

Bofur's Scarf - (my take at it)

DIY - Knitted Bofur ScarfBackstory:
I'm a huge Tolkien fan so imagine my excitement to see the Hobbit movies sporting some nice knitted wear. One of the characters that spoke to me was Bofur so I immediately began to dig around internet looking for any promotional images with him sporting his knitted scarf and gloves. My first response was to recreate these pieces exactly like the original. Later I would collect enough information to find enough "grey area" that led me to realize that a perfect reproduction was not achievable, or more accurately, not desirable.

As I was scrubbing through the behind the scenes footage I noticed that some of the colors were off...or rather they were correct but different than what is portrayed in the movies which had post-processing effects that altered the colors. For example in the movie the rusty orange color around his neck was originally more of a banana yellow on the set. I've also found enough images to show that some of the scarves he wore may not have had a true symmetrical pattern.

After gathering enough photos I wrote down a few key dimensions and created some "formulas" you can start with. Feel free to laugh at my method of measuring, I know I did.
DIY - Knitted Bofur Scarf

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