Laundry Renovation

After placing all of the box cabinets into our new kitchen layout I had a few extra wall cabinets left over. I decided to use 2 of them in our laundry room to help replace that sad little shelf over our washer and dryer.

As I removed the screws from the shelf brackets I was amazed it to find that the choice of screws of the installer were 1/2" screws, just long enough to almost go through the drywall ... I would have guessed that the weight of the shelf alone could have pulled those screws out.

I pushed the two wall cabinets out to the adjacent walls and ensured I had a little shelf over the cabinets AND could still open the washer door. I went back and forth on how to infill between the two cabinets. I thought of doing a coat rod up high behind a flip up valance so we could hang up our shirts and I thought of doing an art piece. In the end I repurposed some salvaged wood shelves from our master bedroom closet renovation project and built some smaller shelves.

Laundry Storage Organization

Ultimately this was just a reason to use my latest addition to my garage, a new set of dado blades for my table saw. For my first use of a dado I must say I'm very surprised by the added stability this type of connection offers. I will definitely go through the trouble of cutting dados in future projects.

Laundry Storage Organization DIY Shelves

Overall it was a simple project that helped organize (and more importantly hide) our junk. Plus with being adjacent to our kitchen it really ties the spaces together nicely with similar materials/finishes.

And I can't leave out that I had a great helper along the way! Thanks Norah!

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