Lego Mat

As my daughter has started to collect more legos I thought it would be a good idea to make a fun and useful play mat. The mat would be something that she can place all her tiny lego pieces on without falling into the carpet, make for a quick clean-up when done playing and then can be stored off to the side.


I started by cutting (2) 50" diameter circles out of some fabric and sewed them together with wrong sides out. Leave a gap so that you can then turn this piece inside out.


After turning it out I then hand sewed the opening closed.


I then sewed along the edge of the mat to create a channel to run the draw string. I then realized I should have cut/sewn the draw string grommets before assembling but managed to do so with some care. I cut 4 grommets (2 on opposite sides of mat) and ran some cord through it. Once you pull the cord out tight tie a simple knot/bow and hang it on a nearby hook.

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