Garage - Work Bench

So I've got a great collection of power tools but nowhere to put them. It is time to build them a home. Working with cheap 2x4's and MDF board (my first time) I was able to build this bench in an hour half. Simple, practical, goodness. I wanted to experiment with MDF so I Urethaned the top with 3 coats. Smooth gloss finish to repel spilled Powerade and sketch on. I recessed the miter saw so the trim will lay flush across the table top and saw. It was important to locate the saw in the middle of the room to allow the long trim pieces to be pushed to the left or right of the saw. I have 12' on either side of the blade. The Rigid shop vac sits comfortably under the saw.

Always keep an eye out for totes. They will come in very handy in my garage. I already have one for plumbing, electrical, patchwork, painting and tile cutting.

Woot! All my tools sitting comfortably in their new home. My last step is to install a shower curtain on the face to keep dust off the shelves. I intentionally let the table top protrude from the frame to hide the curtain rail under. Ok maybe my last step is to get rid of that scrap lumber I've been moving around the garage for 2 years now!

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