Renovation - Wood Floor

Having carpet, tile and sheet vinyl installation already in my history I thought it was time to tackle wood flooring. Luckily Menards was having a re-grand-opening sale and I got some nice flooring at 60% off. Not including the 30 minutes it took to figure out how to change out the blade on my miter saw the floor went in after 2 hours of work.

The part that took the most time was the cuts around the closet door. I wanted the floor to run continuously into the closet and to that took a little extra effort.

I decided to install the floor perpendicular to the direction of traffic to make sure the boards do not shift when passerby's stop suddenly. Of course this puts some strain on the "snap lock" system that holds the boards together but I figure it'd be the best way to tackle it. I used a cheap bubble sheet underlayment over the slab and it worked fine for this application. Saved me a few bucks too.

I guessed I would use 2.5 cartons after scrap and miscut boards. I bought 3. Somehow I didn't screw up. Now I have enough to change out a section of flooring by the garage. (A secondary vestibule)

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