Projects - In Progress

Since we've moved into our new home I've been doing a poor job posting on my home projects. As a result I will take this time to catch everyone up in a mass-project end of year update!

SCREEN PRINTING - in progress
I've recently expanded on my screen printing operation and have made a dozen or so shirts so far. 

Future plans include building a box to speed up the drying/developing process and making a better red-light system.

GUEST "pink" BEDROOM - in progress
The guest bedroom received a couple coats of nice neutral paint to undo the evil that had been laid upon it before. Though, when its all said and done, as with all rooms of such drastic colors, it shall always be called the pink room. The window blinds and tassles were tossed to make room for some good ol white $2 vinyl blinds. A new duvet cover and couple pillows and we are now able to house guests. 

The bedroom furniture had found its way into its new location and with the addition of some new curtains its nearly complete. 

We have filled out the living room with our furniture and its starting to take shape.

HALF BATH - in progress
The existing toilet and sink in the half bath were cracked and needed to have some plumbing replaced. I pulled out the old toilet and vanity and patched in some extra wood-laminate flooring where the old sink was. I replaced the wall paneling and trim work behind the toilet/sink and prepared for the new fixtures. Missing the bathroom we renovated at our previous house we just had to go looking for the same vanity. Fortunately for us it was in stock and 30% off! Though I have installed a wax ring before, this was my first new toilet installation. 

Future plans include moving and installing new lights, finding a new mirror, patching the existing wainscott paneling and painting the walls.

FAMILY ROOM - in progress
We moved our old ikea curtains over into our family room and set up our office space... we have our own room for our office now!

I originally had plans on replacing the deck out back but after using the power washer for a couple hours the existing boards cleaned up great! I also pulled out all the tree branches, leaves, garbage, toys and other junk left next to the garage and reorganized the firewood to keep it dry and keep pests/mold from developing.

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