Renovation - Half Bath

The half bath downstairs was in pretty good shape but like all rooms I end up having to make some changes. The main change was to replace the built in vanity, some 1970 monstrosity and replace the cracked toilet.

After demoing the built in my assumptions were confirmed, the engineered wood floor did not continue below. Luckily the previous owners kept some attic stock and allowed me to patch the floor.

The wainscot also did not pass behind the vanity so I had to bring in a new piece and put up some temporary chair rail. I was quite happy with how the wainscot went in. I try to install finishes so if I or the next owner decide to make modifications it makes it easier for them. Here I made minimum cuts to the wainscoting for the plumbing.

The drain for the sink "conveniently" passed through the side of the vanity, a detail I failed to see when I began this journey. A small hole saw through the side of the vanity and some chromed out escutcheon and it didn't look half bad.

I came back in later and replaced the chair rail with a two part system. I really like the relief in the wallpaper. It's just weird enough it works for me.

I relocated and joined the side light fixtures into one single fixture overhead. This added a lot more light while eliminating the awkward fixtures. It was easy to reroute the electrical but where I removed the lights was another challenge. How do you patch a wall with a textured wallpaper? The answer was to install a new mirror. Well that covered most of the opening but it needed something else. I ended up building a custom picture frame with some large crown moulding and installed it behind the mirror. It looks a little "heavy" but I think it turned out pretty sharp.

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  1. I still love your solution with the mirror to cover up the holes!!!! You rock :-)