Poison Ivy Dress

My daughter had a few super hero action figures she would play with but one was starting to be her favorite. So one weekend I went to work trying to make a Poison Ivy outfit for her to wear when she played dress-up. Having only made her a skirt when she was a baby this was definitely a lot more complicated.

I did my best to take a few measurements to make sure it fit her well.


I went shopping for 4 layers of material, elastic, two types of ribbon,and some fake plants.


I went back and forth on how to layer everything and after realizing that the amount of fabric to make it really "flowy" was more than I had estimated so I went with an outer lining that could be pulled apart. The next challenge was the order to stitch everything together. I started working inside out for the first couple layers and had to get creative after that.

I can't seem to find a photo of her wearing the final piece but here she is trying it on before adding the ties/straps/leaves/etc. It was a fun challenge that was mostly successful. I hope to make some more things for her in the future. Something less dress-up and more every day perhaps?

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