The Couch - New Camera Testing Grounds

Here I am... enjoying a peaceful break away from working on my kitchen cabinets. Notice the calm relaxed look upon my face... like a Hindu cow, er or something. So I bought one of them there fancy digital SLR cameras with my tree money (the reason I got a home equity loan and am now doing my kitchen. Funny how things work out, oh well) Any who the plan is to once again venture out and capture the beauty of the world through photography. I've done this before but with way obsolete hardware made way back in the early 2000's! This is going to be sooo much better! Plans are to have my own www.(coolest web address ever).com by February '07 that will host my pics. For now here are 3 pics from my couch for your enjoyment. Please view responsibly.

Mr. Robot 2006. My Halloween costume I made from the box of my kitchen sink hours before the party. My favorite part... the beady little eyes that freaked everyone else out. Second was the fact I designed the body, arms, mouth so I could still drink from the ol bottle while staying in costume. The most asked about feature... the hat. Why? Cause it was there and I thought it was funny. A robot wearing a hat is about as funny as a man and a dog having a conversation. The thing it was missing... a fat cigar hanging out of its mouth. I can't seem to get rid of Mr. Robot yet so he'll remain off to the side and enjoy a few books.

I enjoy finding images in everyday places that are often overlooked. Here is my fuzzy pull over that when thrown over to the side made a portrait of some cool dude. He reminds me of a character on a cover of a book I once read, but any other information eludes me. Can anyone help? I'm thinking Faulkner... I think.


  1. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Ernie Faulkner?

  2. Yo brother! Sweet blog!

  3. my guess is william faulkner too. it looks familiar. i checked my books and couldn't find it.