Renovation - Kitchen 80%

Busy, busy, busy on everything but my own home projects. The kitchen had a few days of progress over the months of October/ November. A strong push prior to the second annual Halloweenfest'06 and another push prior to the third annual Turkeyfest.

Since my last posting I had the opportunity to install the flooring which is simply a ceramic tile laid in running-bond pattern (each row is shifted half a tile). This pattern helps create a more dynamic space then a simple straight forward grid. I've heard diagonal patterns make small kitchens look big except time, money and patience where not there to follow through with that design idea.

The flooring surprisingly went in without a hitch. I bought a wet saw for a mere $70 (the only way to cut tile) and it sliced through the tile like warm butter. You don't have to spend a lot on a wet saw, but you do need to get one with a very secure guide rail! I borrowed one from a friend once upon a time and the guide would slip no matter how tight I made it. The flooring transition between the tile and carpet actually went in nice and smooth as well. I am one lucky guy!

The countertops really make the space. It's an upgrade laminate that has the appearance of stone not only in graphics but in texture and sheen. The surface is pitted with a few textures and layers to create nice depth. It's something I can not successfuly capture in photo.

I also got around to finding some sweet hand painted globe pendent lighting for over the bar. The texture has a surreal landscape flipped upside down feel. It also has an oriental feel... much like everything else I seem to end up buying. Running the wiring up in my low slope roof w/ 16-18" of blown in insulation was a treat!

The most notable accomplishments was the installation of my kitchen sink. I got to install this baby and test it out 2 months to the day of when I ripped it out... wow 2 months huh? How the time just flys by.

Hmm, other items included a few bar stools that I bought at 1:30am in preparation for some dinner guests the following day. My kitchens first cooking project... a homemade pizza from scratch. SCRATCH I TELL YOU! Made the dough, tomato fondu, roasted veggies, pesto sauce and all by my self. Not only did it look amazing but it tasted pretty good too!

I've still got plenty to do. I ran some electrical wires for my undercabinet lights and need to install those as well as paint, stain and urethane a lot of stuff. I need to make some more doors and drawers and there are a couple unknowns still at this time. But that's one of the perks of living alone... I can let other things in life take priority and my kitchen can just rest a bit.

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