Renovation / Obsession - Studio 2

Awww, the front room. Here is a good shot showing showing what color almost every other floor and wall looked like in my house. I call the wall color champagne-pumpkin... not sure why exactly. Anywho, moving in with some furniture.

A couple lamps and a new coat of paint on all the walls made this room much more, well, me.

My Studio 1 space was becoming very cramped in my 3rd bedroom. After realizing I spend most of my waking moments in the studio space, why not move it into the living room. The living room then moved into the 3rd bedroom. Side note, I have not had TV service for 4 1/2 years including rabbit ears. Its great for being creative and productive. I highly recommend it! My sis made me a sweet "Studio 1" sign for its first location. I told her if I moved location I would need another sign. She made me a kick butt sign of photographs that spells "Studio 2". You can kinda see it on top of the middle striped wall panel. Awesome! BTW I don't like closet doors, they generate messes behind them. So I took off my closet doors (one closet I made converted into seating) and threw some fabric over them. At a slight angle propped up against the wall makes for a nice backdrop.

I kinda have my crazy moments and feel I NEED to buy some other musical component. I'm starting to run out of ideas of what I "need". Check out those sweet chairs my sister didn't have room for! Not to mention the huge disco balls from her and my bro-in-law.

It was tough, but I finally got rid of the floral wallpaper on the 4th wall of the living room. The country living side of me finally lost to the more contemporary side. It's an amazing red.

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