Renovation - Hallway

As I said before that champagne/pumpkin was everywhere when I moved in. Also, as hinted at in the back ground is a touch of that beautiful country floral wall paper. And further more before I begin on this project note the carpet colors I had to work with in the other rooms.

Ok, now the project, the hallway that wraps through half the house. From entry way, to bedrooms, to kitchen, to dining room, to living room, back to entry way. A wonderful circle of travel goodness for me to walk around when talking on the phone or brushing my teeth. So why not put a few points of interest along the way? So an art gallery was born.

Here is part of my hallway now. My only regret was using a gloss paint for the ceiling, but it was conveniently already in a can in my pantry. I subbed out the ol' brass light fixtures for some sweet brushed "track" lighting (8 fixed but directable 25watt lamps) Lowe's often has clearance on their lights. Usually every other week or so. I have a few light fixtures sitting in the garage awaiting future uses. I just can't pass on sweet deals. So I waited for these beauts at 50% off! Its neat to be able to walk almost completely up to a frame and not cast a shadow on it! Speaking of the frames, all photo's are ones I've taken! The wall color is amazing and I still can't believe I found a trim that will complement it.

I plan on another artsy piece (hand crafted by yours truly) at the entry way along with a homemade chandelier that's gonna compliment the space nicely. I figure this project is still a month out. Come back later for more goodness!

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  1. You should have your own decorating show!