Renovation - Sitting Room - Paint and Moulding

When I moved in I couldn't ever decide what to use this space as. I celebrate one family holiday at my house every year and I can't justify having one of my larger rooms with a view be dedicated to a dining room. Though whatever was to be done, the curtains had to go!

I ended up with a few projects in this room and I have a couple more in store for it. To start with it is now unofficially the "Sitting Room" and I've made some modifications to the table. I've cut the legs in half to make a over-sized coffee table. I then drilled into the two halves and with a metal dowel I can rejoin the legs to make a dining room table if I ever need to. In coffee table form the legs are stored under the table. For the lighting I ripped out the dated brass fixture and replaced it with a nice brushed nickel. Borrowing some left over Porter paint from my sis I slapped a fresh coat of Nordic Grey onto the walls and topped it off with some new crown moulding. Porter paint "Silk-n-Touch" does an amazing job of covering with one coat, has lower fumes and is very easy to clean marks off of later.

I wanted to do a great job on the moulding and have plans for a lot of other trim work so I dropped some change in a new 10" Dewalt compound miter saw and got a great deal on a Porter Cable finish nailer combo kit with compressor. The crown moulding did give me a fit at first. Until I was able to sit down and think things through I could not get the trim to line up very well. Step one was identify the 4 cuts needed when putting up trim, then take that info and make 4 sample pieces each a 18-24" long. This is used to help set the other piece of trim and ensure it will make the turn. With both hands used its impossible to hammer the trim in place so the nailer worked great! I can't wait to do more trim work now.

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