Renovation - Kitchen 95%

Ahhh, my kitchen. It is finally starting to come together. I now have cabinets and shelves installed and even put up a nice light over my sink to help with the dishes.

The light replaced a fluorescent light that was made sometime when style wasn't important. This was a good buy at Lowe's (where else). They had a nice 20% off and I had to take advantage of it... plus I was tired of not being able to make up my mind on which light I wanted here. "Do I match/compliment the bar lights? overhead lights? cabinet lights?" Anywho it turned out pretty nice. The ballast hugs the bulkhead behind a swoopy piece of stainless steel while the light hangs on to pivot points. The light can rotate over some 300 degrees for maximum control of how the light is thrown. Unfortunately with the light I realized how dirty the sink had gotten so I had to spend some time scrubbing away.

Here you can see the cabinet doors with yet another layer of polyurethane (3). It's looking pretty smooth and glossy. I may do one more coat yet. Notice my under cabinet lights are starting to burn out. I had 3 of 6 go out after 2 months! At $5 a bulb I'm not very happy about that. Especially since I can buy an entire light set with bulbs for less than $30! I'm wondering if there was film on the glass and it got too hot and shortened the life of the lamps. We shall see.

I must also thank Lauren for her help in installing the door pulls. Nicely done!