Project - Studio Computer / Karoke Tower

A little while ago I relocated my music studio back to the extra bedroom. Though for the first time my main computer was not able to follow. It had been left behind at its new desk. In order to record my songs I had to build a new pc. Luckily I had enough spare parts laying around. What I didn't have I was able to salvage obsolete equipment from others. The problem is old obsolete equipment is noisy. Noisy computer make bad computer for recording music with very sensitive recording devices. I could buy a new computer that would be a lot quieter but so far I had spent not a dime on this rig. I had to build a case around it. Luckily with working on more project I have some scraps laying around. This tower was going to use scraps from the kitchen project, yarn cabinet project, and from projects I can't even remember. $16-18 later I had the material. The design allows for use while standing up. I can now quickly jump back and forth in the room to interact with it. Also, I can use it as a karaoke machine / stand at my next party.

Here are a few details showing the different finish treatments. I had birch left over but did not have enough to do the entire project. I ended up using some oak to complete the job. With a natural finish on both woods the difference was distinct. The 1x2's were cheap pine and I knew they would look better black. The side panels of the cube base (heh cubase) were raised an inch to allow for cool air to enter the chamber. A hole in the back toward the top allows for cables and air to exit.

Here it is in its new home. Hopefully the monitor won't crash down and I won't awake to glass and a dented drum set. Overall for a day long project I'm quite pleased.

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