Kitchen Renovation - Part 3

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First let me start off by saying that this is my first major home project since Norah was born 19 months ago. I say this because it's a huge game changer in how I knock out my projects. I now have about 3 hours in the AM to work before her nap time and then depending on how long she naps for I have about 3-4 more hours in the PM. This is assuming I don't stop for a Norah break or two. No more 12 hour marathons for me. While it is not super productive it is nice to have a couple hours to stop and think things through before hitting the next step. It's just so hard to not pick up a nearby tool and get back at it. "I think I could do this next step quietly", I foolishly think to myself.

Today's task was to demo all base cabinets, bring in some new and reset the sink (temporarily) to get us through the week. 

I had a couple hangups today due to whoever lived here before me. First was the #$%@ "backsplash". Instead of using the backsplash they bought (and stored in the basement) they ran the bead board down to the counter and put a decorative wood quarter round trim to make the transition. Not only is this detail horrible for so many reasons but they went as far as using construction adhesive to permanently glue the cabinet to the wall!

Once I shredded the trim piece I noticed the entire cabinet system was built in place as one piece. I figured this was the case and proceeded to cut it apart so I could salvage it and move it to the basement. Again "glue" was found holding the cabinet to the floor and wall in spots. People, if you are mechanically fastening things together with screws it might be beneficial to skip the extra adhesives! Please?

In spite of a long nap, visitors throughout the day and 7 hours of work I managed to rip out all the base cabinets, redo half the plumbing, haul the old cabinets into the basement, set 4 new cabinets, reset the old countertop/sink/plumbing, and add cabinet hardware! Not too shabby!

Kitchen Renovation White Cabinets

Before anyone gets too excited with the abundant amount of bead-board in our kitchen let me reassure you that the backsplash will become some sort of glass or penny tile and things will normalize over time.

I will keep most of the existing upper cabinets but I plan on building my own rail and stile doors to replace the current ones.

Now to wait for the next weekend!

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  1. Personally, I love all the beadwork! Wow...those cabinets look happy there!

  2. ummm..beadboard that is