Project - Raised Vegetable Garden

For our first vegetable garden:
15 Tomato plants (yes this is a lot)
9 Cucumber plants
1 Raised Cedar Vegetable Garden

The plants were started and separated indoors within the past two weeks and now are ready to be planted outdoors. We have had some cold spells recently but I think the frost is behind us now.

The raised garden makes it easier to bend down and work on, keeps some of the fat rabbits out of it and looks pretty cool too. To handle these plants and maybe a few more we went with a 4'x8' foot print. I used 1x4x8 cedar boards to construct the box with no scraps. The 2x2's where cut and the ends were beveled to create stakes. I fastened the 1x4's to the 2x2 posts and special screws (coated for cedar boards). The cedar was light and I constructed the entire thing in the garage and lifted it to the site personally.

Once transported to the site I carefully hammered the stakes into the ground. I secured 2 horizontal posts to keep the long sides from bowing out when it will be filled with earth.

You may notice some misc screens in the background. These are the remnants of modified light fixtures we salvaged from a building undergoing renovation. I plan on setting 5 of these up a foot or so from the fence. I'm currently drying out the posts in the garage. Hopefully they will be dry enough to easily work with soon. The screens will allow my newly planted honeysuckle plants (you can see them if you look close enough) to take off and create a nice green wall. At least give us some visual break between us and the wonderful dobermans next door. I need to go figure out what type of soil mixture to use now for our plants. I'll post on their progress.

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