Project - Raised Vegetable Garden - part 2

Perfect weather today to finish the vegetable garden. After tilling up the back fence row I had some extra top soil to work with. It took all 7 full wheel barrels worth to build a descent bed. I'm always surprised how much more volume is needed for a project. I also had imported some nice rich top soil, spahgnem and fertilizer from lowes to help bring some nutrients into the bed. With a little help from my fiancee the plants went in easily. I still need to add a shelf around the perimeter and grab a couple tomato cages from town.

I also had a little extra energy to start building the trellis behind the garden for the honey suckle bushes. Just need to add a "cap" to the top and it will be ready to have the vines take over.

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  1. I love my garden bed!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock!!!!!!!! :-)