End of another Chapter

This post marks the conclusion of another chapter of my life and the beginning of another. After five years it is time for me to move on and upgrade my home. As it pertains to the content of this blog my first house was a blank canvas for me to apply my creativity. As a result of all the projects my construction experience grew quickly as I entered many new realms. I look forward to what my second house will bring.

If someone I hadn't seen for a while approached me and asked what I had been up to the past 5 years I probably would have replied, "not much". I would have been very wrong.

As I was walking out of my old house the other day I took one last look around to admire the work I had done. But instead of noting the results of my hard work I was flooded with other thoughts. Thoughts made up of countless events that have unfolded in my life over the past 5 years. All while I lived here on Courtwood Drive.

Here is a list of things that took place in my life while at my new house. 5 years ago I wouldn't have been able so say 99.9% of these.

Made many great friends, shared great moments with old friends, became an uncle to two amazing nephews, learned to wake board, wake surf, sail, play volleyball, excelled at my job, saw an ocean and bought a new car.

Ran wiring, installed receptacles, upgraded all lighting fixtures and switches in house, installed a fan in the laundry closet, designed and built 2 light fixtures, modified piping for both shower head runs, installed a new vanity, reset a toilet with a new wax ring, cleaned out some blocked supply lines, even installed a new kitchen sink, installed flooring: tile, sheet vinyl, carpet, wood laminate, designed/built a yarn cabinet, built custom book shelves, built a karaoke station, made a 9'-9" computer desk, learned to cut and install crown moulding, patched many walls, built a potting shed for me Mum, helped my dad build a screened in porch, retiled the main shower, built a workshop in the garage, built a 12'x30' screened in porch, installed new dryer vent to outside of house through attic, built a raised garden and trellis system and bought power tools!

Learned to paint with water color, learned to knit, learned to play guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, took up photography, wrote some songs / poetry, read many books, took up screen printing

But above all else I fell in love with an amazing woman!!!

So yea, it's been a busy time in the past 5 years after all. I look forward to all the surprises and life lessons that I will encounter in the next 5.

I will of course continue to report on my new house projects. I had about a dozen or so ideas on my list before I even got the keys!


  1. Here's hoping your next 5 years are as happy, rewarding, & amazing than your last 5!

  2. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Sorry Greg, I need more Photos of the new house.... !!!

  3. Aww you are so sweet!!! I can't wait to share the exciting new house projects with you :-*