Project - Blinds

Back to the craft room for another spontaneous project, new blinds! Something about trying to sit at a drafting table staring out at your neighbors window, kinda feels a little weird.

Lowes had a sell on Levolor faux wood blinds and I thought I'd take advantage of that, plus they do free cutting to the size of your window! Be warned however, the person doing the cutting may not exactly care about your blinds as much as you do. I got 4 blinds cut from 39 inches to "37" inches. What I got was (2) at 37 1/4", not too shabby, (1) at 36 1/2", a little too short, and (1) at 36 1/4", too short but I made do. I can only imagine if you wanted blinds for your entire house, you could have all sorts of miscuts.

Anyways, I had to mount the blinds on the outside of the window to clear the double hung windows beyond. I am totally against screwing anything into wood trim and think it is nearly a sin. So I had to install the brackets over the window. This turned into a new problem, how to get the brackets to hold the blinds out in front of the window trim.

I ended up going back to lowes to snag some cheap chairrail and some plain white board. I used the plain board (3 1/2 x 5/8" ) as a nailable shim that would sit on the top of the window trim. This allowed for the brackets to hold the blinds out beyond the trim and acted as a nice nailable surface for me to install some homemade valance around the hardware. Turned out alright in my opinion, though once again, design/sketch/measure twice/cut once seemed to let me down on the first window. Oh well.

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