Project - Garage Remodel

The garage is unique to me in that there is a recessed concrete slab where the cars park so as the snow melts the water doesn't damage other things in the garage. It also, makes for a wider garage fine for creating a wood shop of sorts, gardening center and a place for an actual car to park!

First thing first was to tear out all of the existing shelving, benches and other random stuff nailed to the wall. I put my tools to the test of chopping everything down to small 3' pieces for easy removal off my property. I keep a few plastic cups / containers around to put all the nails and screws I remove from every board. I don't want to accidentally have me or someone else hurt themselves while handling the boards.

I drove over to the old house to take a look at the work bench I had made. I decided its coming with me. Due to the flexibility of my Honda Element coupled with some redneck-like-methods I managed to fit the work bench in the back of my car! Of course this meant about 40%+ of it was sticking beyond the tail gate, hold on tight!

So I've brought over the old bench, created several shelves and installed a 3rd ceiling mounted light. Somewhere in the last year or so it would appear they have started creating 23watt (100 watt equiv.) CFL's (compact fluorescent) lights that are warm colored!

The garden center is just a series of shelving I created with some 2x's secured to the wall with a few nails tacked in for hooks. Recent desire to build a kayak has me second guessing the height of these shelves. I'm going to need a place to store the kayak when not in use. I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

I began to explore ways to keep dust from falling on the shelves below. I took an extra clear shower curtain and made a couple nail hooks for it to hang from. I also found some nice $1 plastic containers to house and organize various pieces without collecting sawdust.

The peg board is coming in handy as well as I keep the more common tools right within reach.

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