Last 6 months... the next 6 months.

I've spent the first 6 months of this year studying for my architecture registration exams, of which I'm happy to say I recently found out that I passed all 7 tests on the first try!!! To give myself a mental break from all the studying over the months I began to design and build a wood strip kayak as a reward for my efforts. I'm also happy to report that tomorrow morning, after 250 hours of work, I will be christening the White Loon with some friends and family. It should be a great day, even if it doesn't float :)

I have started to pick up some other projects around the house as the studying and kayak building has crawled to a stop. I'm not accustomed to working on projects that take half a year to complete and I look foward to taking a handful of small ones off my to do list.

My weekends have been booked for months with fun activities with friends and family. I have a good friend getting married next month and it has been fun to hang out with the old gang.

My sister has started her own photography services and I've been helping her promote her work online through Which I have to say its very easy to make great websites when you have amazing images to use. She already has clients rolling in around the Indianapolis, IN area where she works. She'll specialize in photography for children, families and weddings. Check her site out when you have a chance!

Our ballfield in downtown Fort Wayne, IN was completed a while back and we've enjoyed attending several games to watch the Tin Caps play. There is a lot of entertainment packed into the stadium that makes for a fun time even if you don't care for baseball.

I hope to revive this blog and show off some projects i've worked on this year, starting with the kayak, and what I have planned for the upcoming months.

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