Backyard Critters

Squirrels... They race across my yard and up over my house chewing everything in their path. They chew on my deck, fence, air conditioning unit, trees and any plant that was purposefully put there. Neighbors have even heard them spending a summer afternoon gnawing on my aluminum gutters.Walking around the back of the house you will find thousands of small holes scattered throughout where they look for, but never find, buried treasures. And on those quiet evenings when you are relaxing inside (thud) one jumps from a tree into the side of the house. I sometimes wonder if I cut those branches back just a few inches to where they wouldn't notice until they were mid flight.


They aren't the brightest and they are definitely not on my good side... but they sure can be entertaining when you are in the right mood. Or if you find yourself on a lazy weekend with a underused camera they make for great photo opportunities.

Just stay out of my garden fools!

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