Raised Garden - Tomatoes!

Our garden has started cranking out the tomatoes over the weekend. Here are 12 of the 14 I picked today... Not sure where the other 2 could have disappeared to?!?

While are tomatoes are going strong we had some problems arise with our carrots, stawberries and beans. 

A chipmunk has been eating a hole in the netting to gain access to the fresh dirt. He then burrows tunnels below the carrots and I'm guessing...eating them from below. I patch the tiny 1x2" holes in the mesh netting and it was actually discouraging enough to send them elsewhere. But not before they taught the rabbits how to break in. 

As I was walking out the garden to pick the tomatoes today I saw the fattest rabbit inside the screened in garden feasting on the beans. I gave chase and he escaped before I could catch him. Coming back to the garden I got a super strong cartoony feel when I saw that he had chewed through the mesh and made a doorway to match his exact profile (minus the ears which actually would have been pretty darn cool).

I patch the fence and went back inside. 5 minutes later the rabbit is back on the other side jumping up inside his backup entrance/exit that I failed to see while I was out. After chasing him around the yard again and working up another sweat I noticed his other opening was another perfectly shaped door that he had created. I patched it and went inside. 5 minutes later he was back trying to chew a new hole in the side... I gave chase again and went back inside to start designing my Raised Garden Defence 2.0 (RGD 2.0). 

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  1. Youll show them! With your magic chicken wire. lol