Renovation - Master Bedroom - WIC - Day 15

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Just realized I never put up the "final" post of my master bedroom walk-in-closet. So here it is!

I found an old louvered door down in our basement and trimmed it out to fit into my new doorway. I painted it to match the trim... I will never paint a louvered door again! I put gravity hinges on the door much like the old western saloon doors so the door swings both ways and automatically closes behind you. 60% of the time it closes every time!

We've slowly started to put our master bedroom together but it still needs some work. I will post more as this project continues to develop.

Unfortunately I didn't take pics of the closet before it was "lived" in for a while. Things are already getting a little messy. Everything seems to be working fine for us. We have our own sides with more linear feet of rod/shelf than before. The lighting is decent. I added a rice paper decal to the side window for maximum privacy while receiving tons of natural diffused light.

I do need to add a potential bench over the hampers and relocate the light switch but for the most part this project is done!

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