Kitchen Renovation - Part 5

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Wow... it's been 12 weeks since I've last worked on the kitchen... yikes!

Continue reading below for a list of my excuses:

1. We narrowed down our backsplash tile and ordered some amazing penny tile at the Tile Shop (beautiful and inexpensive). Nice and affordable also means that everyone else in the world wants it so you have to wait 9 1/2 weeks on a waiting list, then wait 1 1/2 weeks until you are free to drive the 1 1/2 hours to pick it up (all worth it of course). Not that this is a legit excuse to stop all other work but I sure used it as such!

Backsplash Penny Tile

2. Work got pretty busy.

3. We moved Norah from her baby room to her big girl room. I'll have to post on that another time but in order to do a light renovation on her new room we had to displace the guest room which required a little work there. The butterfly effect in home renovation projects, much like my in progress basement renovation that is the result of this kitchen renovation...

4. Shopped around for a couple months and finally ordered our counter-top! The exciting thing is that we are taking advantage of various store/manufacturer sales and getting quartz counters at 50% off! Yea, it's the only way that quartz was going to happen and wouldn't you know it by procrastinating a long while a great deal fell on our laps! Also, remember the cabinets set me back $0 so I might as well splurge on this part right? Right?

So now I have 2 1/2 weeks to get a lot of work done before the counter-tops are delivered. Now that's motivation!

Here is sample photo of our quartz that I snatched from the interwebs. Hot!

OK, on to the kitchen renovation work.

Kitchen Renovation Island

1. I was able to modify the existing counter-top so I could get the range pushed back against the wall. 

2. I also began running some wiring up in the ceilings. I removed the pendant light over the sink, the one I always smacked my head against when tiredly doing the dishes, and replaced it with a can light. I added 1 1/2 other can lights in the bulkhead which will wash down the penny tile that we'll have run half way up the wall. 

3. We just found these affordable pendant barn lights and have 1 of 2 installed currently. I'm still awaiting a ceiling patch before I can install the other.

4. I patched the laminate flooring where the peninsula once was (just in front of the range) and it was the most difficult work to date. Nearly 3 hours later I had replaced the temporary planks with permanent ones. 

5. We placed the island cabinets and lived with them for a few weeks until we felt they were in a good location. I have since leveled and secured them in place.

Kitchen Renovation Island Cabinets

6. We have all the drawer pulls installed so it's easy to get to our stuff. Norah loves the custom base cabinet with all of her snacks in it. She also loves to go "grocery shopping" and stock the cabinets when we aren't paying attention.

Kitchen Renovation Island

 I still have a very long way to go but at least everything is set in motion so it's just a matter of time before it's all wrapped up!

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  1. This project is looking amazing! (even better in person)!