Renovation - Master Bedroom - WIC - Day 2

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Day 2 of my walk in closet project. I had high hopes of accomplishing 3 things today but good ol' lazy Sunday kept work to a minimum. Trying to get motivated for the day I called a friend to see if he'd be willing to swing by and help me pick up some drywall at Lowe's and carry it upstairs. A few minutes later we are lugging it up to the room. If the sheets would have been another inch longer I don't think we could have negotiated a couple of the turns. Thinking back on it I think I chose the most inconvenient place in the house to work. After he left I took a break, had lunch and then lost my momentum once again... so I went upstairs... and I stared trying to will it along. I ended up moving a return air duct, chopped the base trim, and built a good portion of the wall. So somehow I got 2 of the 3 things on my list checked off. On another list, this was the first time I hung drywall!

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  1. Hey you were NOT lazy, are you kidding? You got so much done! Very nice work too!!!!