Renovation - Master Bedroom - WIC - Day 5/6

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The dust has settled!

I finally finished taping/mudding/sanding the drywall. I can't believe how much time I took to make sure everything was perfectly smooth... I mean, it's going to be covered with a closet system here in a few days. I guess I just want it done right so in 50 years when future owners of the house want to remove the closet, well it will save them some time and they won't cuss me out.

I finally got around to cutting the rest of the doorway and smoothed out the threshold. Next I cut/installed some wood frames that start to define the closet areas. These will eventually be clad in birch but for now it's where I store all my tools while I was reinstalling the carpet and pad. Of course this is dangerous since I now have the ability to take a "quick" break and lay down on soft carpet. Next step is to paint the walls!

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