Garden Shed - Day 10-11 - Roof

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Day 10-11
 - 57-81 degrees, rain and foggy

Roof Framing Completion
After running through my 9 day vacation I had to return the following weekend to finish the roof. To this point everything was going together quite smoothly so I had high hopes of wrapping things up before the following week brought the rain. There was one challenge that that stood in my way now and that was the framing of the cross gable and valleys.

I was careful to frame this part since it was going to be entirely exposed from down below. I didn't want it to show up as too cluttered but wanted enough support for the roof. Progress slowed down a little as it started to rain since I couldn't keep traction on the slick roof and kept sliding down (but not off). I was fueled with the drive to keep going as if I was in some sort of not too exciting reality game show obstacle course. Once I put the final fastener in I went down below to survey the work. Some how everything turned out rather nice. Another interesting fact is the roof doesn't leak!

Construction was put on hold early that night for a birthday celebration for my mum!

The next day was smooth sailing as I installed the translucent roof panels over the 'outdoor' area. Since this side of the building faces north and does not get direct sunlight I chose the translucent panel for it's ability to diffuse light down into what would otherwise be a dark porch. This panel had the same dimensions and profile as the metal roof so installing it was easy. Though as we would find out later. It's best to install fasteners at every possible location since the plastic can only withstand so much uplift from the wind.

With the roof in place I was feeling much better knowing it would now stay a lot drier in the upcoming rainy days. Next visit we'll tackle the windows and get her enclosed.

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  1. One of the best features of the shed is the roof & you did an absolutely splendid job. It was a complex task! And you are correct: NO LEAKS!