Garden Shed - Day 12-14 - Windows & Siding

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Day 12 - 59-87 degrees, still

I took a couple weeks off to get caught up back at home. 

While I was away a couple things happened. 
1. Sue worked incredibly hard to re-glaze all 7 windows that were salvaged from the barn. 2. A multitude of visitors were given personal tours through the shed. From these tours it was brought to our attention that to our surprise we weren't building a shed at all. As it turns out we were building a cabin!?!

Windows and Trim
As I mentioned Sue worked hard removing and refitting the glass into the old windows. When she was done glazing and scraping, and scraping, and scraping they looked amazing!

To allow the windows to be removed for any future reasons I created window stops on the inside jambs. These stops were cut from some scrap 1x2's I had left over. After pre-drilling a few holes I set the windows and locked em in place with the stops. Once secured I ran some simple trim work around the inside and outside of the windows.

It was nice having the windows installed since the shed was now near weather tight. If I needed to take a break from the strong country winds I had a quiet area to relax.

Day 13-14 - 55-87 degrees, still

The girls kept at the siding while I took another week off. The shed's cabin's form really became more pronounced as the final voids were filled in.

And here is a random picture of Norah watching her daddy hit things with a hammer. That was always good for a few laughs! Not sure why it's funny, but I love it!

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