Garden Shed - Fit Out

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It's time for the end of the year update on my mum's cabin. While progress was slow and intermittent throughout the year a few things did get accomplished.

I finally got around to finishing the wrap around tread on the bottom step at the front of the cabin. Not only can the stairs now hold more pretty flowers but there is no longer that little problem of a unfinished step jutting outwards claiming innocent ankles. 

Garden Shed Cabin Door Stairs DIY Stain

Dutch Door
And as you may have noticed in the above photo the dutch door received a first class finish thanks to Susie! I'm still awestruck that she was able to get good ol regular pine to look so rich and warm. 

Garden Shed Cabin Door Stairs DIY Stain

Exterior Porch
Not a lot to talk about on the exterior except that the outdoor potting benches are getting some good use as the pots are heading in for the winter.

Garden Shed Cabin Barn Door Stairs DIY Stain

Garden Shed Cabin Door Stairs DIY Stain

Knick Nacks
This year we focused more on storage than any other thing. Now the question is what types of things will be housed out in the cabin and in what quantities. Below the giant green beast of a cabinet (the one we actually had in place before all the walls were up) is put to use. We are still playing with which doors to install and which to leave off. Either way all the shelves and drawers are already filled to capacity and it looks pretty darn neat.

Garden Shed Cabin Door Stairs DIY Stain

Yard Tools
While there are a few pieces missing from this shot you can get a glimpse of some of the storage for yard tools. I installed a simple safety bar  across the lower part of the handles to prevent any injuries if a youngster was trying to take down a shovel.

Garden Shed Cabin Shovel Storage Dutch Door

Kid's Corner
Per request a special 4' area for the kids was put in place. I still need to create some area to hang the yard tools but they now have their own workspace and cabinets at their height!

Garden Shed Cabin Kids Work Area


To the left and right in the photo below I added 4' wide shelving units for a total of about 48 sf of storage. In addition the the shelving I incorporated some miscellaneous antique box cabinets into the mix.

Garden Shed Cabin Storage Chalk Board

Self portrait shot of me after hanging a non-parallel ladder over the kidney bean shaped party table. 

Garden Shed Cabin Storage Party Bench

More shelves and already filled!

Garden Shed Cabin Storage Shelves

From what I can tell tools are organized by "high-end, nice to use", "older ones that get the job done", and "decorative ones, that look pretty."

Garden Shed Cabin Tool Display

Mini clay pots find homes on the window sill over the sink.

Garden Shed Cabin Tool Display

Shot looking back toward the main entrance showing an overall shot of the progress. Next year I think I'll tackle a storage bench below those double windows on the right. 

Garden Shed Cabin Party Bench

Other items on my 2013 to do are as follows:
Finish the steps on the back porch.
Build an all wood latch mechanism on the door to replace the current system.
Storage below the party table.
Some minor solar lighting for ambient lighting.
Outdoor storage at back of shed.
Paint window frames.
Finish installing interior crown molding and window casing. Then paint.

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  1. you are the best!

  2. I hope to someday have a house as nice as your mom's garden shed!