Kitchen Renovation - Part 4

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Not a visually exciting post since most of the work was either hidden in walls / floors or just covered up. 
I started by relocating the 2 electrical outlets where the oven used to sit. One for an electric range and one to supplement the current gas range. Once I had them in their new location (keeping both for future options) I moved the light switch that controls the back porch light approx 3' so it wouldn't be behind the oven.

Kitchen Renovation

I removed the open shelf wall cabinet, trim and valance over the sink. I found out there was a lot of indirect light from our deck getting trapped behind the valance. As soon as I pulled it down the room lit up a fair amount! It's nice to be able to see the top of the window now. Just a couple inches make the window seem at least a foot taller somehow.

Here is my computer rendering of what the space is supposed to look like when it's done. The jury is still out on what kind/color of tile back-splash to use. We hit up The Tile Shop tomorrow down in Indy so hopefully something jumps out at us.

Kitchen Renovation 3d Model

Once the demo was finished I peeled away the bead-board back-splash and the layers of wall paper that came with it. This exposed the battered wall behind. Luckily most will be tiled over and not painted so I got out my tape and joint compound and started to fill in the cracks and holes. For the area where I will end up painting I am trying my luck at putting a skim coat on... all I'm doing is watering down the joint compound and spreading it very thin. With my mudding skills I'm assuming this will end up horrible but everything is worth trying at least once!

One of the last things I ended up doing was laying down a square sample of our new floor.

Kitchen Renovation Demolition

Uh, yea just kidding. This tile patterned sheet vinyl was hiding under a portion of the laminate flooring that I had to remove to sit the cabinet that flanks the oven. Unfortunately I can't push the oven back against the wall for a few weeks or until I make a new temporary countertop that doesn't cantilever over the burners.

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