Kitchen Renovation - Part 6

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We had our counter-tops delivered and installed a few days, weeks, months ago and thought I'd get around to showing them off. As mentioned in the previous posts we found a great deal on a nice quartz counter and jumped on the opportunity. They even threw in a free front edge profile! 

There are many qualities I enjoy about the counters such as appearance and durability but having an under-mount sink where you can just wipe the counter into the sink, well that's darn nice too!

If you remember back to what started this renovation was us receiving free cabinets from my mum's house. While we did splurge on the counters we are trying to do the rest of the work on a very tight budget. As a result I was not able to add a lazy susan unit in the corner which meant I had to block off that valuable storage space. Since I had to enclose the space I wasn't about to do so without trying to make something out of it. I bought some white melamine shelves and made a nice recessed alcove for our dish towel. Using one of those nifty 3M removable hooks it fits under the counter and out of the way, while dressing up the corner a bit.

Kitchen Cabinet Alcove Towel Hook Quartz Counter Kitchen Cabinet Alcove Towel Hook Quartz Counter

With these sink base cabinets there is generally a removable face to aid in installing the sink. To make use of this space I removed the clasps and added concealed hinges/magnet along with some wire to hold it open. The plan is to install 1-2 vented baskets to keep misc scrubbers and scrapers.

Kitchen Cabinet Alcove Towel Hook Quartz Counter

The island. We knew it was going to add some good usable work surface to our kitchen but it wasn't until they lugged that 450# piece into our kitchen that we saw how much more space we really were getting. 

Quartz Counter Top

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