Kitchen Renovation - Part 8

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I had a couple specific updates on counters and range hoods but it's time for an official update on Kitchen Renovation 2.0!

Since my last full update you can see quite a bit has changed. For the biggest change it is now actually usable!

Kitchen Renovation Quartz Range Hood Penny Tile Pendant

  • Soffit extension over the range.
  • Drywall work on wall, soffit, and ceiling is now complete.
  • Penny tile backsplash is up awaiting grout.
  • Countertops are large and in charge.
  • Second pendant light is hung.
  • Removed old ceiling mounted light.
  • Built/installed a rangehood.
  • Painted wall and trimwork.
  • Built Norah a mini kitchen (foreground).
  • New runner for the floor.

Kitchen Renovation Quartz Range Hood Penny Tile Pendant

I still have a long list of tasks to take on but think I may take a break for a couple months and recover from the last few months.

To do:

  • Crown molding around top of soffit?
  • Demo pantry and rebuild bigger and more organized.
  • Convert base cabinet to pull out trash/recycling bin.
  • Panel the back side of the island.
  • Build new doors for the existing upper cabinets.
  • Final coat of paint on walls/ceiling.
  • Under-cabinet lighting?
  • Storage/bench area by back door to serve as a "mud room" like space.
  • A couple stools for the island.
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  1. Don't forget a cute colorful rug for in front of the sink. It will tie the whole room together. hah